Saturday, October 31, 2009

District Champs!

District Champs! 9-1 record for the regular season! The tradition stays alive in Stanberry. It has been a great year; but more than that, it is an awesome tradition. We are very lucky to be part of the journey. The Bulldogs will host a state play-off game at home next Friday night. I am very excited for the opportunities for this team! Go Bulldogs! Go Hit Somebody!!!

Bummed I had to miss watching the football game last night, but I did get to listen to the game on the radio thanks to KAAN. I kept throwing punches this week and I think I am finally on the mend. I have basically been sleeping for 3 days and nights, so I do not have a lot of energy. But I do know I am feeling much better! I woke up feeling great this morning. I will continue to rest this weekend and prepare for chemo on Monday.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Fever Frenzy

Well, CRAP! I cannot seem to get this fever out of my system. It is staying low at 100-101, but it is kicking my butt. Of course, I had a big week planned, but had to change some plans. Dan and I were planning to go to a Pink Out Football game last night between Lawson and Plattsburg. Tonight is Stanberry's District Football Championship at Worth County. I have only missed seeing one other game against Worth County since Dan and I started dating in 1995. However, thanks to Regional Radio KAAN, I was able to listen to that game on the intranet while I was in New Orleans. I am hoping that Stew is broadcasting tonight's game on KAAN Radio 95.5 FM. GO BULLDOGS!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Keep Praying!

Mary is not feeling so well, darn it! She was doing so good and then WHAM, she took a punch and is now feeling just plain crappy. She went to work yesterday but didn't make it today. They started her on an oral antibiotic yesterday so hopefully that will kick in and help her feel better real soon. I'm sure she will be back in the ring before long and handing out her own punches;) Thanks for the continued prayers and please keep them coming. She is doing an AMAZING job just needs to get back on track and hand the beast a much needed KO! Fr. Emil Kapaun PLEASE KO the beast and heal my baby sis COMPLETELY, AMEN! Love to you all, Theresa

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Round 7 Chemo - KO

Yeah!!! Shouts of Joy Raised to Heaven! The Best Round Yet!

I went into Round 7 Monday expecting to get sent home and rescheduled. Instead, I got the go-ahead to fight and it was the easiest round by far. I did not take my "sleeping pill" Monday morning because I did not think I would get the chemo, so I did not sleep the day away. Then I was able to sleep like a baby Monday night and even though I felt damn good when I woke up today, I decided to stay home and rest. And I did just that! I feel so good tonight!

Just realized that I have not even taken my anti-nausea meds today...and I have not had any nausea...I am so excited! Time flies...only 9 weeks of chemo left. It will go so fast!

Together, let's say a prayer for all those experiencing the flu bug, sickness and illness. Dear Lord, Please send down your healing power upon your children in need. Amen!

Speaking of Our God and Savior...I feel like a kid again. My Road of Life has slowed down immensely and I am noticing the greenest of green pastures and lawns, and the calendar is approaching November. I have always despised burnt, brown grass. And I thought it always burnt up in the August time frame. How wonderful to still have green grass! The leaves on the trees are more vibrant than I ever remember...fall has always been my favorite time of year! But Fall 2009 may go down in history with me as the best ever!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Power of Prayer!!!!!!

All you prayer warriors are as AMAZING as my sis! Thanks to all of you Mary is getting her chemo right now. I just can't believe 16 hours ago, we had Mary in ER and they pumped two different IV antibiotics in her and gave her a booster shot. The shot brought her white count from 2000 to the much needed 9000 range and she got to go ahead and get her chemo! I am just in awe at how the power of prayer is working! If you haven't read Mary's post from 1 a.m. this morning she didn't think that she would be able to get chemo today. Now lets all pray that she has a great week and gets some much needed rest. Thanks again for all the Love and Support you have shown Mary and our whole family, please keep the prayers coming, they are working:) Fr. Emil Kapaun, PLEASE KO the beast and Heal my Baby Sis COMPLETELY, AMEN! Love to you all!

The Calm After the Storm

Wow! Things are finally beginning to settle down from the crazy weekend. They that it is only a few hours away from the Monday work day!

We began the weekend on Thursday Night at the Northwest Missouri State University Homecoming Variety Show & Coronation. My beautiful, little cousin was a Queen candidate and there were 40ish friends and family there to provide the support she well deserves. She did not win the crown, but she will continue to be a queen in our eyes. We are so PROUD of her!

My niece's team won the state softball semifinal game on Friday. Guess What?!? She hit another homerun. Jillian is nominated for athlete of the week in the St. Joseph News Press. Please vote at by Wednesday if you get a chance. Immediately following the softball game in St. Joseph, we made a quick trip to Stanberry for the Homecoming Football game. The Bulldogs won easily and the game ended after 3 quarters due to the point spread. I was officially frozen by the end of the night.

Saturday was completely packed with events. We started at the Northwest Homecoming Parade, then football game. Dan was not so happy with me when I made him leave the Northwest Football game early so we could see Jillian and the Eagles play in the softball State Championship game. The Northwest Bearcats won in overtime and the Eagles earned a second place finish! After the softball game, we went shopping for costumes. Malia will be a ghost. Maggie wanted to be Ariel, but settled for a pink unicorn. Bo will be a skeleton.

Today was the day of rest! I rested throughout the day in between house and van cleaning. All of a sudden, this afternoon, I started getting this tingling and chilling feeling. I finally decided to take my temperature and discovered I had a 101.8 fever. Based on my instructions from Dr. AJ, I called the doctor for help and ended up in the ER. My strep test was negative and my flu test was negative. My white blood cells were low indicating my immunity and ability to "fight off" infections is low. They also drew blood to culture and will test it over the next 5 days. They gave me IV antibiotics. Sounds simple enough...but, I had a slight reaction to the Vancomycin. The first thing I noticed was my throat constricting, then Dan said it looked like I had a sunburn on my bald head. Next, I felt like my neck and shoulders were burning hot, and then had some hives on my neck and shoulders. I was able to take some Benadryl and am feeling better, not great, but much better. I thought the entire day today was going to be calm, but it did not work out as planned. Finally, I think the storms have passed and my body truly is ready to rest.

Sooooo...doubt I will get chemo on Monday...Bummer!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Round 6 Chemo - KO

Yeah...I breezed through chemo treatment today (once it got started). I was an emotional wreck leading up to it. Dan says I became edgy and irritable last night and he should have known why, but did not make the connection. We were sitting in the exam room awaiting Dr. AJ and Dan asked me, "Where are you at today? What is your deal?" Tears immediately began streaming and I just shook my head and said, "This is not my most favorite place to be!" Nurse April came in and wanted to ensure I was not crying because of "this place", but I told her I was. She said Dr. AJ doesn't necessarily agree with her, but she has witnessed young ladies and the effect on the hormones. Well, I can tell you...mine are out-of-whack!

Dr. AJ examined the cluster today and Dan and I both told him if he had been able to do so late last week, we think he would have been excited, but today seems like it is back to normal size again. He agreed that was possible and gave a medical explanation using scarring that neither Dan nor I grasped. But the main thing he shared was I had only been through one Taxol treatment and we have several more to go. So, stay tuned and we'll see what happens.

Dr. AJ was nearly ready to leave the exam room and asked if I had a stuffy nose and if I was sick. I told him it was from crying. He asked, "From WHAT?!?" And I simply replied, "You heard me!" So, he talked with us for several minutes. I am wired for RESULTS. When I work, when I play...I am all about results. And I am not convinced I am getting the results I had expected. He reminded me there are 3 things we are dealing with in my breast...invasive cancer that has reached the lymph nodes, DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma In Situ...cancer contained inside the milk duct wall), and calcifications. In the beginning, the first biopsy of the breast resulted only in DCIS and if that had been the only biopsy, they would have done surgery first and then chemo if necessary, then radiation. The reason because the chemo attacks fast growing, easy-to-get-to cells. The cancer inside the milk duct are slow growing and contained, so the chemo has little effect on DCIS. The size of the cluster that I can still feel, may be the DCIS and the calcifications. Dr. AJ is convinced the chemo is doing its job on the invasive cancer like it is supposed to. He ended the conversation with a challenge, "Where is that tough, spirited, girl who came to me at the beginning of this? I want her back!" I don't know if you know me well or not, but I love challenges!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Victorious Weekend

Two shut-outs...Stanberry Bulldog Football on Friday Night was 51-0 and the Jefferson Lady Eagles Softball on Saturday was 13-0. Jillian hit a was SWEET!!! Everyone of her teammates contributed as they cruised to victory and a return trip to the State Tournament next weekend. I am praying for a successful week so I can support those memories that last a lifetime! I don't have time to, just kidding...I have done a decent job getting plenty of rest. I took a long nap with Bo today and if tomorrow is similar to last week, I will be Sleeping Beauty for the day.

Patiently praying and waiting for a small victory of my own tomorrow. Size isn't everything, but I am ready for this cancer cluster to decrease in size. I am not as confident today that Dr. AJ will admit tomorrow it is getting smaller. But, hopefully in 4 weeks he will be able to tell it is smaller and the chemo is making progress. Continuing to pray for health, faith, strength, and courage to FIGHT!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Great Week

What a great week! I feel so much better! I was able to enjoy my niece's softball game tonight. It was an awesome win. 0 to 0 going into the last inning and Jefferson scored 2 huge runs in the top of the 7th to seal the deal. My choice for play of the game goes to my niece and her shortstop as the duo worked to precision to gun down a base runner attempting to steal second base. It was fantastic! The Jefferson Eagles will play in the Quarterfinal game on Saturday...looking for a return trip to the State Tournament. I am so glad I am able to be there and make some noise!

Everyone continues to be healthy this week and I seem to handle the minor set backs much better when I am feeling good. I am praying that Dr. AJ's commitment is true throughout all the Taxol treatments. Remember? I have in writing from him that the Taxol is to be easier on me than the AC was. And I am praying that the chemo is working. It may be my imagination, but I am thinking my cancer cluster in the breast is finally getting smaller. I am looking forward to Monday to see if Dr. AJ agrees.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Round 5 Chemo - KO

YaaaaHoooo!!! Feelin' great! I actually have a note in writing from Dr. AJ..."You will not feel as bas as with AC. AJ 10/12/09" I teased him and asked him if he was willing to put it in writing and he was. When the chemo treatment first got started I was beginning to wonder. My niece, Cyndi, went along with us today...the RN in her was very curious and it was great to have her clinical brain along with us. They were giving me the anti-nausea and benadryl through the IV port and I had not even gotten the chemo drug yet and I kept warning them that I was going to puke. Sure enough, I yelled to Dan to get me to the bathroom and I took off on a sprint to the bathroom. All I could think of was it started at 5 pm last week, no way could it be starting all over at 12 pm this week...yuck!

But, I was in good hands! They gave me an additional med and it literally knocked me out. I fell asleep and woke up at 5:30 tonight. Dan said he called and checked on me this afternoon and I do not remember that conversation. I do remember talking to my Sister on the phone and I think I about fell asleep talking to her. I can barely remember my niece driving me home. The afternoon is pretty much a blurrrrrr. Now that I am awake...I feel great!

Dr. AJ was able to get the results of my tests from last week. The ECHO results of my heart were perfectly normal. The results of the mammography were "acceptable". He said the radiologist was having difficulty reading the results and identifying changes from the initial test. The good news is there is no increase in size and no new cancer spots are identifiable. More good news is the calcifications are less dense...on the first test there is a white cloud about the size of a golf ball where the calcifications were so dense the entire area looked like a pure white cloud. On this test the area now has speckles of white, so it is less dense than before. They are struggling to tell whether the calcifications are dead cancer cells or not. Dr AJ has a plan and he spoke to my Surgical Oncologists today and they both agree 100%. We are going to do 4 more Taxol treatments and Dr. AJ will continue the breast exams. If he does not notice any change in the cluster after the next 4 treatments, I will have a MRI of the breast and they will make a decision at that time whether or not to continue the Taxol treatments. They may opt to do the surgery, then more chemo, then radiation.

I know I had lots of prayers coming my way today and in preparation for today...THANKS SO MUCH! Those prayers are working.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Not So Healthy...

OK, so within hours of posting the message earlier this week, I was up at 3AM vomiting once again. Still getting that nasty stuff out of my system. Dan was not quick to offer help (even though he did) because he was fighting a fever and the craps. Neither Dan nor I worked Tuesday and Wednesday. The kids and I stayed with Mother on Tuesday night in an attempt to stay away from Daddy while he was sick. Today I was leaving with Maggie and Bo when Malia broke down in tears because her throat hurt so bad she could not swallow her breakfast. Sashy was kind enough to take Malia to the doctor today and Malia was confirmed with strep throat. She got a shot in the buttocks and should only be contagious for 24 hrs. BIG SIGH!!!! And it's only October! YIKES!!! Hope we all get it out of our systems!

I did have a couple tests this week. Mother took me to my ECHO on Tuesday and MAMMO on Wednesday. I heard some preliminary results of both, but will wait to post the official results after I talk to Dr. AJ on Monday. 12 weeks of Taxol start on Monday...yeah, cannot wait...hey do you detect the sarcasm in my "voice"????

Continuing to pray the chemo keeps working!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

No Chemo This Week - YEAH!!!

My last week that is free of chemo until 2010...sounds kinda crazy, huh?!? I am excited to have a chemo-free week! After last week...I think I deserve one. Last week, at 9AM on Friday morning, I started craving Wendy's French was the first sign that indicated I was on the road to recovery. I ate a cheeseburger and fries for lunch on Friday and felt amazingly wonderful...almost immediately! Just in time for the most exciting Stanberry Bulldog Football game of the season thus far. The Bulldogs scored twice in the fourth quarter to win the game 20-14. It was the first district game of the season and a huge victory! That is how football should be...exciting to the end!

Saturday was jam-packed with events to choose from...Paint the Parkway Pink in St. Joe on Saturday morning and Bearcat Football at Missouri Western in St. Joe on Saturday afternoon. But instead, my motherly instincts took over, and I awaited the arrival of my son to come home. He was happy to see me, but even happier to see his Big Sisters! It is wonderful to have everybody home and healthy again.

It is hard to admit, but last week was the first time since July 24th that I really felt like "Damn, I have cancer!" The black, dark circles appeared under my eyes and I felt like crap! It is true...I have cancer. Do you think I have been in denial?!? My heart wrenches for those who are alone or do not have the family and friends surrounding them and for the children who cannot even begin to understand. Hell, I am 36 and I am struggling to understand! It simply breaks my heart! Please pray for those less fortunate! I am so lucky to have all of you in my corner. Thank You!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Round 4 Chemo...OVER!

It definitely wasn't a KO and I am not even sure I would get the decision in this round, but I am glad it is over or nearly over! I could tell almost immediately on Monday that it was not going to be good again this week, but had no idea it was going to be worse. Dan ratted on me on the way out of chemo and the nurse gave him a sample pack for me...unfortunately it did not work. I started vomiting at 5PM on Monday and did not stop. I told Dan to call the doctor at 10PM and the doctor on call gave me some tips to get through the night. Dan took me to St. Joseph to the Cancer Center for my neulasta shot on Tuesday (I was planning to work so thought St. Joe would be closer for me than Maryville...ha ha) and we decided we were not leaving without seeing Dr. AJ. When I was checking in at the nurses' station I made eye contact with Dr. AJ and he immediately came to my aide and took great care of me. He gave me some IV fluids and anti-nausea meds and a very special anti-nausea 7-day patch ("ridiculously priced" at $800...I refused it until he convinced me it was a sample). I am not impressed with the pricey patch! Dr. AJ really is baffled...he is determined that I should have handled every treatment the same. He tried to encourage me that the next 12 weeks of Taxol (starts 10/12, so I have a week off...yeah!!!) will be a breeze, but I simply told him I would have to see it to believe it!

I was able to finally keep some soup down last night and I made it to work today. It helped to have somewhat of a normal routine today, but I still do not feel the greatest...still nauseous, tired and weak.

Then, to make me even more sad, Baby Bo is sick and we have to be separated for 2 days. He has double ear infection, upper respiratory viral infection, and who knows what else and the doctor does not want me taking any chances. The doctor thinks "normal" folks could get the common cold from him, but I have a chance of getting something more severe. Thanks to Aunt Krissy for taking Bo to the doctor because I have no business being in that kind of environment. Thanks to Uncle Bull for entertaining Maggie (or did Maggie entertain Uncle Bull?!?). Thanks to Aunt Sashy and Uncle Chester for loving my sick baby. I am sure Bo loves staying with Godmother Sashy anyway!

Keep those prayers coming! I am using every one of them! THANKS SO MUCH!