Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I cannot even explain the emotions still running through me! It's OVER! Can you believe it?!? I left that office building and as soon as I took a breath of fresh air I screamed at the top of my lungs! (If any of you have ever sat by me at a basketball or football game, you know I am loud!) But, this...this was louder than ever before! Ask my sister-in-law, Vick, because the poor thing was on the phone with me at the time. As we were getting into the vehicle, Nurse Sherry opened a window in the clinic and asked if I could do that one more time because they did not hear me very well inside.

I sit here with goosebumps, tears welling, hands shaking...WE DID IT!!! The Chemo is OVER! I am thrilled! I am strong! I am a BELIEVER! I will continue to ask for guidance, strength, and courage as we head into the next rounds of this fight.

Monday was almost an information overload because lots of decisions will be made in the next few weeks. I see Dr. Silva, the oncologist surgeon, on Tuesday, January 5th, 2010. We will discuss the surgery at that time. Dr. AJ is considering me for a breast cancer survivor study. Lots and lots of things going on. I am ready to finish this fight!

Thank You! Thank You! Your support is unbelievable! Do me a favor...TRUST IN THE LORD!

Monday, December 21, 2009

15 Down with a KO - 1 To Go

OH Baby! I can smell victory! I am so thrilled to be preparing for my LAST chemo treatment. The feelings and emotions are out of this world! YES! YES! YES! 1 more! I cannot believe it. It has taken its toll and provided many challenges along the way, but I am so proud to proclaim that prayers and support of family and friends have helped me win this fight. This is truly an adrenaline rush. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

And...Thank You God for holding me in the palm of your hands and providing me the strength, the courage, the will, and the spirit to finish my fight! I will continue to Fight Like A Girl!

Now it is time to enjoy the holidays with family and friends. Thank goodness there are still a few shopping days left for me.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Round 14 Chemo - KO

Praise the Lord! Two to Go! I have been overwhelmed this week and a little panic stricken because the end is near. My excitement turned to panic and doubt and fear. I needed to talk through it with family and friends, and most importantly, I needed to offer up the new emotions to my God. I am officially in his hands, with all my prayer warriors surrounding me and assisting me!

Thank You! Thank You! I am ready to finish strong!

Monday, December 14, 2009

National Champions!

Got Soy?!? I did after the National Championship game in Florence, AL. The article in Saturday's St. Joe News Press indicated he catches anything thrown at's true...passes or kisses. Last week at the semifinal game in Maryville, with Kim as my witness, Soy caught my blown kisses and placed them on his cheek. This week I was on a mission to find Soy after the game and give him a real kiss and I DID JUST THAT! OK, so I gave him 2...1 on each cheek. And he took a pic with me...

He is simply a genuine kid! A couple other stories to convince you how special he is. Friends of ours are die hard Bearcat Football fans and Max wore his Number 1 jersey to the National Championship game. During the celebration after the game, Max showed his jersey to Soy and Soy tossed his National Championship hat to Max. Max's Dad confirmed that Max has rarely taken the hat off since. I also met up with Troy and his Dad (they are my Hi-5 buddies in our section at home games). Troy said, "Look what I got, Mary" and he holds up Jake Soy's Nike sweat bands. Of course, I had to touch them and smell them! Troy told me, "All you have to do is ask." Soy is just one of many...he is surrounded by special young men, I mean special young champions, on the Bearcat Football team.

The National Championship game trip was unforgettable! We had an awesome time and laughed tons. We left at 3PM Friday afternoon and returned at 4AM Sunday morning. We joked on the way down that we basically had time to jump out of the car and chant a B E A R C A T S cheer and get back in the car for the ride home. It WAS a quick trip, but it was TOO FUN! The WIN made the ride home that much better! My stomach muscles still hurt from screaming like crazy during the entire game. Thanks to Aunt Diane, Sister Sashy, Godson Mitch, and Husband Dan for the memories that will last a lifetime! And Thanks to Grandma Kate and Cyndi Lou Who for keeping the kids so we could enjoy the National Championship!

PS My chemo treatment today is rescheduled for tomorrow in St. Joseph due to the icy weather.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

'Bama Bound

Back To Back To Back To Back To Back To 'Bama! Dan and I are going Back to 'Bama with the Northwest Bearcats. The Bearcats are returning for the 5th straight year and we plan to help them bring home the hardware this year! We haven't been since the 1998 National Championship! We are riding with my Aunt Diane, my Sister Sashy, and my Godson Mitch. Mitch has sent a text nearly every day this week asking if it is time to go yet. We are so excited!

If you get a chance, watch the National Championship game on ESPN2 on Saturday at 12 NOON CST. Check out No. 1 (Jersey Number), Bearcat Wide Receiver, Jake Soy. He is my current favorite Bearcat!

Tonight my prayers go out to my Godfather (and Godmother too)! He had triple bypass surgery today and the family reports that he is doing great! Hopefully I will get to see him tomorrow before we leave.

Wishing everyone a safe weekend. Go Bearcats!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Countdown!!!

YES! YES! YES! 3 cheers for ONLY 3 chemo treatments left! Round 13 is a KO. I did take my "sleeping pill" this morning because I could not get settled down before my treatment. I was grouchy, grumpy, high-strung, and simply could not relax. Once the nurse started the Zofran, she looked and me and said, "Your eyes are doing THAT THING again, aren't they?!?" I agreed with her and told her I was going to close my eyes and rest during the Zofran. Next thing I knew, a couple hours had passed and the nurse was shaking me to wake me. I think I did some sleep walking to the car and straight to bed once we were home. I slept all afternoon and feel really good tonight!

I did have to agree with Dr. AJ today...he said, "I told you that Taxol would be much easier for you to handle." And it definitely has made a big difference.

It is very tough for me to express how much I appreciate the prayers and support! THANK YOU SO MUCH for choosing my corner and actively supporting my Fight!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Round 12 Chemo - KO

4 left...4 left...4 left! I am so excited it is finally December...the month of my last chemo treatment. Amy's comment was right on target...the mental anguish, preparation, and exhaustion is much worse than the physical impact at this point. Several people are finally admitting to me that I look exhausted. I still think some of it (OK, most of it) is due to the loss of the majority of my eyebrows and eyelashes, but I truly am more and more tired. I am praying for a burst of energy heading into these final 4 rounds.

I can feel the shrinkage in the cluster again this week. It seems like it shrinks after 2-3 treatments of Taxol, so hopefully it has some more shrinking to do before surgery. Surgery is inevitable...the decision will be lumpectomy vs. mastectomy. All along I have prepared myself for a mastectomy and I think I am completely comfortable with that. I have prayed that my physicians use their expertise to make the very best decisions in my best interest and that I have the strength and courage to accept whatever happens.

Thanks to all my prayer warriors as we finish this fight in style!