Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Breath of Fresh Air

AHHHHH!!! It was so refreshing to play outside after dinner tonight. We are finally experiencing some gorgeous weather and the mud puddles are nearly gone. No complaints from me about the sunshine!!

Can you believe it?!? 31 treatments done and 3 more to go...yes...3 more left, that's it! Friends at work commented this week how fast the time has gone. I guess it has, but I will be relieved to not have a daily commitment looming on my calendar. I really have been going to the Radiation Cancer Center for 7 weeks. More often than not, I think timing is so important. The timing of the completion of my radiation treatments could not be more timely for me. After Friday, I will truly consider myself a SURVIVOR, fighting for LIFE. What better timing than Easter weekend when we celebrate LIFE?!? This will be an extra special Easter Jubilation for me!!!

We have been in the mode of celebrating lately. My niece's basketball team, the Jefferson Lady Eagles, placed 2ND in the State Basketball Tournament. Our 1990 3rd place team was able to sit court side during the championship game and it was very special to cheer for our very own team. I am so proud!

The ride home was not so much fun and definitely nothing to celebrate. It was the scariest ride I have ever experienced. The snow storm and winter weather advisory was awful and we drove right through it. The trip home from Columbia is normally 3 hours and it took us 5 1/2 hours. I rode with a blanket over my head and Mother and I prayed the Rosary for most of the trip on I-70. We made it all the way to our driveway and then had to stay all night with Mother because our driveway was drifted shut. Dan was not thrilled that he drove the entire way in the storm "to sleep at my Mother's house". We were planning on sleeping in our own beds, but were grateful that Mother let us stay with her.

On Saturday, we attended the Benefit Volleyball Tournament and it was too much fun. Thanks to my Corporate Challenge teammates for coordinating and sponsoring the event. Thanks to all the participants and donors. It was a successful day. Friends from Maryville won the tournament. If I was organized, I would post a picture. Sorry.

We were in Seneca, KS on Saturday night to celebrate 60th Birthdays for my Uncle and Cousin. We had an absolutely wonderful time. Even my girls asked why we do not see those cousins very often...shame on us. It was great!

Life is Good! The Countdown in on! Celebration of LIFE this weekend!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

State Bound

I am just finishing the packing for a weekend trip to the State Basketball tournament in Columbia. The Jefferson Lady Eagles are playing in the Final Four of Class 1. My girls may be more excited about "vacation" and the opportunity to swim than the basketball games, but they are young...there is still hope for them.

I think I mentioned our 20th anniversary of our 1990 Class 1A Basketball 3rd place this year. Last year was our 20th anniversary of our 1989 Class 1A Basketball State Championship. How rare is this...the Jefferson Lady Eagles qualified for the Final Four last year and this year. Both years that we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we have the distinct honor to cheer for our own Blue and Gold. Now that is VERY IMPRESSIVE! I wish I could say we are heading back next year to celebrate another 20th anniversary, but we were left on the Quarterfinals court my senior year...3 points short of a 3rd trip to the Final Four. One of my nephews is a senior and they lost the Quarterfinal game last Saturday night by 3 points. I tried to tell him that I know exactly how he feels! Life goes on, but it is a memory I hope to never forget!

We will stop in St. Joe for my radiation treatment on the way to Columbia. The techs are excited to finally meet Bo. Malia and Maggie have both gone to a radiation treatment with me, so the techs have met the girls. Now, they will get a chance to meet the "big guy". I warned one of the techs that she is not allowed to keep Bo...I am almost certain she will want to. Every person that works at the Cancer Center is completely genuine, very talented and damn good at what they do.

Tomorrow will be treatment number 24. I will have 4 regular treatments and 6 boosts left after tomorrow. I do get to take Friday off, which is probably a good thing because I am starting to burn. I peeled for the first time yesterday...not bad...about the size of a quarter. It does not hurt and it does not bother me so I am truly blessed to be so lucky. The prayers continue to work in my favor.

Speaking of prayers...please say a prayer for a special friend and his family. He was diagnosed with colon cancer today. He is our rock. We have always been able to depend on him and he has taken great care of our family. Now it is our turn to help him for a change. Prayers for a complete cure!

Monday, March 15, 2010

VB Benefit Info

We have a request to post the Volleyball information and roster on the blogspot. Please click the link below to access the document.

Volleyball Benefit Information and Roster

Saturday, March 13, 2010

20 Treatments done

WOW! How time flies...Dan said something to me this week about finishing up week 2 of radiation treatments. I just stared at him and finally said, "How about you try WEEK 4?!?" He was in shock and could not believe that we were in week 4 already. So, 20 treatments done...8 more regular treatments to go, plus a few "boost" treatments!

I did get to see Dr. AJ this week! He is very pleased with everything...my hair, my health, my weight...response to radiation...cat scan results...everything! Of course, my cat scan results could not have just simply been the same as the scan I had back in July. As we laid in bed the night I received the results, Dan squeezed me and said, "You just cannot keep anything simple, can you?" Dr. Johnson had indicated he was not concerned when he shared the results with me, but there is something about that second opinion, especially coming from AJ that I truly needed. The scan shows I have a 2 inch cyst on my ovary, but AJ is not the least bit concerned. He indicated it is probably connected to my menstrual cycle. Sorry, this may be TMI...I did start a period on February 12th...2 days before starting the Tamoxifen. Tamoxifen is the hormone suppressor that is supposed to keep my body from having periods. I take it every day for at least 5 years.

The radiation treatments are going great! My skin did start to peel this week for the first time, but I think that was because I failed to apply my lotion at bedtime a couple nights in a row. There is definitely a pinkish color to my left breast and chest area. Other than that, nothing. I am not tired and I am not nauseated. It simply takes about 30 minutes - 1 hour of my time every Monday through Friday. No problem. Walk in the park!

We will be cheering loud tonight at the Quarterfinal basketball games in St. Joseph. The Jefferson Lady Eagles play the Stanberry Lady Bulldogs and the winner advances to the MO Final Four tournament next weekend. The Jefferson Eagle Boys also play tonight. We will have a fun night!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Mary Loves March Madness

The Jefferson Eagles won District Championship games on Friday night. My niece plays on the girls' team and 2 nephews play on the boys' team! I loved it! I am so proud of them! Both teams play tomorrow night in the first round of state playoffs. The Stanberry Bulldog Girls (Dan coaches football at Stanberry) won their District tournament as well! Way to Go, Dawgs! If the Jefferson girls and Stanberry girls win their respective games tomorrow night, they will play each other on Saturday and the winner will advance to the Final Four. This is such an exciting time!

Our 1989 3rd Place State Basketball team will be honored during the state tournament this year in Columbia, celebrating the 20th anniversary of our trip to state. Last year we celebrated the 20th anniversary of our State Championship and it was a great weekend! I cannot wait to enjoy the company of high school teammates again this year!

I am still doing radiation every day...my skin is starting to get a tint to it and I am half-way through. So, I hope I can manage to avoid the burns! I did have a CT of the abdomen on Thursday and have the results that I will be discussing with Dr. AJ tomorrow. The weeks fly by so fast! This will all be over soon! And with March Madness going on, I do not have time to slow down and rest!!! Gotta Love It!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Volleyball Fun!

Hi all, This is Mary's sister and some of her co-workers was wanting me to let you all know that they are going to have a volleyball fund raiser for Mary. Please let them know if you are interested in putting a team in. I'm sure it will be a fun time and lots of visiting!

Recreational Volleyball Benefit
Silent Auction
Mary Collins

4 -6 team members for co-ed FUN (limited to 16 teams)
Saturday March 27, 2010
Savannah Middle School gym (old-701 W Chestnut)

Fax Team registration form to 676-0763 Att: Aileen
Doors open at 8a, tournament/auction begins at 9a.

First place trophy provided, proceeds to support Mary’s cure. For donations please contact Cindy at 262-0659 or
Aileen at 390-0791

$60 per team fee

Hope to see you all there and THANK YOU all so much for the prayers, THEY WORKED!!