Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I truly am appreciative!

I thought about my post and re-read it...I sounded like a cranky old lady! I really am not a cranky old lady. I truly am appreciative! I truly am...

So thankful for all the support and prayers! So thankful I crossed the path of Dr. Silva and believe he truly saved my life with an intuitive diagnosis. So thankful for the wonderful community and family that fought my fight with me. So thankful that Dr. AJ and his lively staff was there to raise my spirits during those dreaded chemo treatments. So thankful that invaluable health care is so close to home. So thankful to have hair (even though I keep cutting it shorter and shorter)! So thankful there are talented surgeons able to cut the big C out of my body. So thankful Dr. Cannova was willing to build new boobs for me. So very thankful to have LIFE!

Life is Great! God is Greater!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I don't know why...

I am not attempting to offend anyone, but I honestly do not know why anyone would "elect" to do this...more power to them. God knew what he was doing :-) I would do anything to have my ol' boobs back. So far, these look like a "train-wreck"! I really cannot complain...I still have not had any pain, and I guess they are hidden so I do not have to look at them often. But, they are a sight. I have a simple scar under my arm on the left breast. The right breast is definitely not as simple. I have a scar the shape of an anchor that goes straight down from the nipple and is under the breast. The surgeon also moved the nipple up so I am anxious to see how that will heal around the nipple. I will continue to pray that I can ward off infection and have complete healing.

Dan just stopped at the computer to read my post and said, "You are fine! I don't understand why you are so concerned! They look fine!" "ESPECIALLY the swelling!" Of course, he would like the swelling! This may be the only time I will fill out that special DD bra he bought me for Christmas!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Final Chapter

Finally!! We finally made it to the final chapter...the end is near. Yesterday, Dr. Cannova gave me new boobs. Yes. Boobs! Plural. He replaced the tissue expander in the left breast with a gel implant and then performed a lift and augmentation in the right breast to obtain symmetry. Due to swelling, the right one is much bigger now, but the doctor warned us it would be. He expects the swelling to subside in a few weeks. He also warned the right breast would cause me some pain. Tomorrow, we remove the dressings and shower for the first time. That is the day that makes me nauseous. I dread seeing all the incisions for the first time.

The mastectomy was a cinch! Cut it off and carve it out...no problem. This rebuilding part has not been so easy. But, as Dan did comment a few minutes ago...I have made huge improvement in the last 24 hours. I was nearly in tears last night thinking I was not going to make it to the Jefferson basketball play-off games tonight! Today was a much better day and Dan agreed to take me to the games tonight. I am Proud to be an Eagle...the boys and girls both won!

In the beginning of this post I mentioned the end is near. IF, and only IF this boob is tattoo worthy, I am going to have a little fun with it. They offered to tattoo a 3D nipple on it when this is over. But, I am thinking something a little crazy is in order. I have NEVER wanted a tattoo in my life, until now. That will truly be the final chapter.

Thanks for the prayers and support!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Month to HEAL

Dr. Cannova knew immediately what I had done and just simply shook his head "NO"! He asked me to schedule a follow-up in a month, hoping to allow DaBoob plenty of time to heal. I only have 1 more fill to go and then another healing period before surgery to replace the tissue expander with the implant. His biggest concern with the burns is infection, and so far, so good. I have also used the home remedy advice of my Mother and used sugar on the "gooey flesh" for quicker healing. Even though Dan thinks I am crazy, because the last time I used one of her home remedies it did not work out so well. Dan could not understand why I would take the chance again, but Mother was persistent and Mother is simply Mother!

If you do not know the story, we were stuffing the fridge with champagne the day before Dan and I wed. The shelf broke and 1, yes only 1, bottle of champagne broke. I had the tiniest cut on my left hand ring finger. Of course, the left hand ring finger...my entire body was there and the cut had to be on the critical body part used in the wedding ceremony. Mother had me soak my hand in kerosene that night to heal the cut. The cut did heal. Unfortunately, it sealed a staph infection in my system. I was in the ER on the morning of our wedding day and in Emergency Surgery on the Monday after our wedding. I had staph and had severed the tendon in my ring finger. Others will testify that kerosene is an OK THING, but not me. OHHH, the memories. You may be like Dan and may not be able to understand why I would attempt another one of Mother's home remedies...UNLESS you know my Mother. She is a Saint, she is completely Harmless, she always looks out for my Best Interest, she Helps me all the time, and Loves me to Infinity.