Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I truly am appreciative!

I thought about my post and re-read it...I sounded like a cranky old lady! I really am not a cranky old lady. I truly am appreciative! I truly am...

So thankful for all the support and prayers! So thankful I crossed the path of Dr. Silva and believe he truly saved my life with an intuitive diagnosis. So thankful for the wonderful community and family that fought my fight with me. So thankful that Dr. AJ and his lively staff was there to raise my spirits during those dreaded chemo treatments. So thankful that invaluable health care is so close to home. So thankful to have hair (even though I keep cutting it shorter and shorter)! So thankful there are talented surgeons able to cut the big C out of my body. So thankful Dr. Cannova was willing to build new boobs for me. So very thankful to have LIFE!

Life is Great! God is Greater!

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